If you are unsure if you need a new boiler, ask yourself these questions:

Is your boiler beyond the point of cost-efficient repair?

If you’ve had a qualified engineer take a look at your boiler and they’ve told you as much, then you know the time is right for a replacement.

Is your boiler giving you control over your heating?

It will help you cut your heating bills if you have a flexible timer or controls, as well as a thermostat. So if you don’t have these, it’s worth considering a replacement.

Is your boiler on the floor?

It’s probably older and less energy-efficient than new boilers, it would be ideal to make a replacement.

Does your boiler have a continuous pilot light?

Again, this wastes a lot of gas, so consider a change.

Does your system have a dry cycle?

This is found on older boilers, which don’t switch off when an optimum house temperature is reached, but rather send the heat to an ‘overflow radiator’. This can waste a lot of energy, so this can be a big incentive for a replacement boiler.

Is your boiler G-rated?

Once again, for energy efficiency, consider a replacement.

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